Could You Have TMD?

ONE OUT OF EIGHT PEOPLE in the United States are living with pain related to TMD every day. Thankfully, if diagnosed and treated correctly, relief is just around the corner.Common Symptoms of TMD TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is pain and discomfort caused by problems with the jaw, jaw joint, and surrounding facial muscles that control chewing and moving the jaw. Common TMD symptoms include:
Jaw muscle stiffness; limited movement or locking of the jawPainful clicking, popping, or grating in the jaw jointChronic headaches/migrainesPain in the neck and shouldersEaraches or ringing earsSensitive or worn down teeth
TMD Has Multiple Causes Adding to TMD’s complexity, there can be multiple causes. While an autoimmune disease or various forms of arthritis can affect your temporomandibular joint, some lesser known causes of TMD include bruxism (teeth grinding/clenching), bad bite, and stress. Depending on your symptoms, various treatments and solutions are available such as:
Professional custom-fit bite guardMuscle relaxation techniques/stress managementPhysical therapyMedicationSurgery