Cosmetic Dentistry in Plains MT

Cosmetic Dentistry in Plains MT

Cosmetic dentistry has been used extensively in recent times to enhance the appearance of one’s smile. Although most cosmetic procedures are primarily intended to make your smile look more attractive, some of them also improve the functionality of the mouth and strengthen the teeth.

Common Cosmetic Treatments

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is by far the most popular cosmetic procedure. It is simple and produces fascinating results. We use a teeth whitening gel containing a healthy proportion of hydrogen peroxide, which is essentially a bleaching agent, for this purpose. The stains will be lifted from the pores of the teeth, leaving behind your pearly whites and a more confident and pleasing smile.


Veneers are simple tooth restorations bonded to the frontal surface of the teeth using dental bonding adhesives. They are extremely thin, tooth-colored, and offer excellent durability and strength. In most cases, veneers are used to cover the teeth’s surface imperfections, such as cracks, extreme discoloration, exposed root surfaces, and chips.


Dental crowns are hollow restorations that fit perfectly on damaged teeth. They are made either from ceramic or composite resin in most cases, but some crowns are also made from metal, zirconia, ceramic-over-metal, etc. Crowns are both cosmetic and restorative as they strengthen and protect the teeth, along with giving them a cosmetic uplift. They are quite long-lasting, making them highly preferred for restorations.

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring enhances both oral aesthetics and health. This is because gums hold the teeth in place, cover the sensitive root surfaces, and enable you to sport a beautiful smile. If you are suffering from advanced gum disease or simply wish to get rid of your gummy smile, we can perform gum contouring using a soft-tissue laser.

Teeth Replacement

Missing teeth can be quite disadvantageous both in terms of functionality and appearance. Failing to get a missing tooth restored at the earliest can lead to drifting of teeth, hindered ability to bite and chew food, and loss of confidence due to an unpleasant smile. We provide teeth replacement solutions in the form of dentures, dental bridges, and implants.


Fillings are primarily used to cover cavities caused by tooth decay. They are also used to contour chipped and cracked teeth and restore them to their ideal state. The fillings we use are tooth-colored and biocompatible, which perfectly resemble the appearance of your enamel.

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