Dental Cleanings in Plains MT

Dental Cleanings in Plains MT

Dental cleaning involves the removal of the deposited plaque and tartar from the teeth surface by a dental professional. This is to keep most dental diseases at bay. 

Even if we regularly follow good at-home oral hygiene habits that include regular brushing and flossing, many microbes, plaque, and tartar can be left untouched behind the corners and hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. And this can lead to several severe dental issues as well. 

So, the American Dental Association recommends professional dental cleanings at least twice a year to remove the tartar and plaque and prevent the onset of any dental problems. 

Importance of Regular Cleanings at a Dental Office

Professional dental cleanings are a means to ensure better oral hygiene and dental health. The removal of plaque and tartar from the teeth surface helps prevent tooth decay, cavities, dental infections, and gum disease.

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning Appointment? 

During your routine checkups and teeth cleaning at MT West Dentist, our dentist will perform a complete analysis of your mouth, teeth, and gums using visual examinations, X-rays, and images to identify the presence of any potential or ongoing dental issues. 

Dental X-rays help the dentist to get a better view of your oral cavity and see their tooth's structure to look for tooth decay, cavities, infections, impacted teeth, cracked teeth, etc.

On the other hand, the visual examination of your mouth and gums help the dentist identify and diagnose inflamed, bleeding, swollen, or receding gums, abnormal blisters or sores in the mouth, or any other signs of damage.

When dental problems are diagnosed and cured at the earliest, you can avoid complex and expensive treatments down the line. 

Also during the professional dental cleaning session, our hygienist will:

  • Clean your teeth thoroughly to eliminate any plaque, tartar, and buildup. 
  • Once the teeth are cleaned, we polish your teeth to eliminate dental stains, make the teeth smooth, and reduce the accumulation of any future plaque.
  • We apply a fluoride gel to the teeth to strengthen the enamel and compensate for fluoride loss, if any.
  • If you show the symptoms of gum disease, we may recommend a deep cleaning procedure that involves scaling and root planing. 

In addition, our dental team will give you instructions and health education to practice proper oral hygiene at home. They can also answer any queries and concerns about the maintenance of good proper oral health.

Please reach out to our dental practice at W Railroad Ave, Plains, MT, to have a consultation with our dentists. You can call us at (406) 215-4705 or schedule an online consultation, and we'll guide you further.

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