White fillings in Plains MT

White Fillings in Plains MT

When your tooth is infected by cavities, the dentist removes the decay from your tooth. After this, the tooth has to be filled in. White fillings, also called dental composites, are a dental restoring treatment. They are revised versions of the traditional silver amalgam fillings. These fillings are gaining popularity in dental bonding, a cosmetic dental therapy.

White fillings are made from a blend of glass particles, synthetic tooth-colored dental resins, and several other setting ingredients. They provide comfort and protect the tooth from further damage. However, white fillings are not made to last forever. 

What Are White Fillings Used for?

White fillings are used to repair cracked, or broken teeth and teeth eroded from grinding. It acts as a filler after cavities are removed and helps in eliminating the gap between teeth. White fillings are used to enhance the shape and change the size of the teeth cosmetically. They improve the color of the teeth in cases of tooth stains. 

Steps in the Procedure

Microscopic pores are incised on the enamel for the filling to get a firmer grip over your tooth. The filling is then shade-matched with your natural teeth and applied to your tooth. Blue light is used to solidify the filling in a moment’s time, and if required, adjustments are made after a bite test. 

Advantages of White Fillings

  • White fillings look more natural than amalgam fillings. They are composed to match the color and normal luster of your teeth.
  • It is safer than silver fillings as there is no mercury. Due to the presence of mercury, traditional amalgam fillings cause several health problems in an individual. 
  • White fillings are more tenacious as they are bonded over the tooth. This makes them stronger and long-lasting.
  • Unlike traditional fillings, white fillings do not expand or contract with changes in temperature. Thus there is no extra stress on teeth. 
  • They are affordable.
  • In white fillings, no base material is used. An elastic material filling is applied in specific portions of the teeth that have lost their normal tooth structure. 

Taking Care of Your Fillings

  • Avoid having hard foods as they can wear out your fillings. 
  • Tooth decay can displace your fillings. Brushing with soft-bristle brushes, flossing regularly, and scheduling clean-up sessions with the dentist can prevent tooth decay.
  • It is recommended to avoid sugary food and drinks.
  • Replace old and eroded dental fillings as soon as possible to stop tooth decay. 

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